Specializing in Small Service Based Businesses/QuickBooks Users Accounting, Training & Management

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Taking your business to the next level can be a struggle.

  • What is the best job costing methodology?
  • Where is my money going?
  • Do you need training & clean up on your accounting file?
  • How do I learn how to read my reports and increase profit?
  • Do you just need someone to take over the accounting?
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That’s why we specialize in providing accounting, training & advisory to small service businesses and QuickBooks users.

Our mission is to improve your accounting processes and maximize your bottom line.  We use our proven three part methodology to take your business to the next level.

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Our Three Step Methodology

Our proven three step methodology will take your business to the next level.

Clean Up And Procedures

If you want to increase your profits and cash flow, we need to first set your foundations. Here we clean up your processes and procedures.  If needed, we implement new processes to ensure you are getting the best data possible.


Performance And Reports

Now that we have your foundations in place, we can provide you with information rich data and reports. We provide you with up-to-date and comprehensive reports.  Giving you clarity on the performance of your business.


Advisory And Growth

It’s time to take your business to the next level!  With your foundations and reporting set, we can now train and advise you on what is needed to increase your company’s profits and performance.  We manage everything and give you specific action steps to stay on track and help your business grow.

You Deserve:
  • To have a successful and profitable business for the long haul
  • To have more fun in your business (and outsource the boring stuff!)
  • To have an experienced financial partner that will work alongside you to help you protect and grow your business.
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"Debbie and her staff at Balanced Books have been and continue to be a great asset for Challenger Services, Inc.  The rebuilding of company files to just a general question always gets prompt attention and results.  I strongly recommend Balanced Books for all your QuickBooks issues whether it is general information or to keep your companies records."
Mary Ledwik & Carol Kucera
Challenger Services, Inc.
"I have used Balanced Books for many years! I am particular and meticulous-Debbie and Balanced Books have never let me down! Always there to answer my questions!"
Dr. Phylis B. Canion, FAAIM, CNC
Organic Emporium
I am not sure just when Debbie and Balanced Books came to my rescue, but it has been quite a number of years.  I have slept very well since she took over the books all of my businesses which include a construction business, two storage facilities and a ranch business.  I no longer fear audits from Workman’s Comp, GL, Sales tax and the IRS.  Her expertise has been a Godsend.
Mike Bludau
B&B Metal Bldgs, Inc, Hwy 87 Storage, Bawash Inc. and Mike Bludau Farms